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A useful way to check whether that extra peak in your NMR is a solvent.Includes the most common deuterated solvents, and all of the common lab solvents/grease.
Quick Instructions:1) Select your deuterated solvent from the dropdown.2) If you want the proton shifts, you don't need to do anything. If you want carbon shifts, press the toggle button (1H) to see the 13C shifts, and vice versa.3) If you have a signal you are looking for, you can enter a range (from -> to) and press 'search'. Any shifts within that range will be highlighted red.
Tips:*You can set your preferred starting deuterated solvent in settings. That solvent will then be selected automatically when you open the app.*You do not need to enter an upper and lower limit. If you only enter a shift in the 'from' field, every shift higher than or equal to that value will be highlighted.*You can try this app out by downloading the trial version.
NMRss stands for NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Solvent Shifts. It is useful in chemistry, physics, biology, engineering or any discipline that uses NMR.
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